Surface Design

Faux Translucent Stone®

Faux Translucent Stone® is an iconic collection of elegant stone-like materials for interior use. Embodying the exceptional beauty of alabaster, onyx and other natural stones, these lighter weight sheets offer even more exquisite patterns than the costly materials they replace. Hand-made and unique, the stunning designs make these panels a distinctive feature in any interior. Hotels, Retail, Offices, Spa’s, Airports, Hospitals, Restaurants and Yachts are all environments where the sheets are perfectly suited. Faux Translucent Stone® is ideal for use in furniture, Wall Cladding and Decorative Installations. This alluring and innovative material is complements classical interiors and effortlessly blends with ultra-modern spaces.

Backlit applications

Faux Translucent Stone® is most distinctive when backlight, elegantly accentuating the material's handcrafted designs for Reception Desks, Bars, Lighting Fixtures, Wall and Ceiling Cladding. The lighting solutions include modular or bespoke options to suit the clients' needs.

Reception Desks and Bars

Faux Translucent Stone® sheets weigh significantly less then natural stone making it very popular within industries where weight is a factor such as Private Yachts and Jets.

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is more elegant with Faux Translucent Stone® showing its beautiful properties either with or without back-lighting. Wet-room areas such as Bathrooms, Changing Rooms and Wash Rooms are environments to which Faux Translucent Stone® is beautifully suited.

Stain Resistance - F &B, and Liquors and Fragrances

Faux Translucent Stone® has been tested for anti-staining in direct contact with flavours, liquors and fragrances. Staining is easily removed leaving no traces of discolouration or chemical damage. Another reason why Faux Translucent Stone® proves so versatile and effective in environments where natural stone is less suitable.